gofer [n] errand boy or girl bottom person on the totem pole*, gal Friday, go getter*, grunt, guy Friday, hired help, low person on the totem pole*, office boy, office girl, peon, scrub; concept 348

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  • Gofer — es una implementación del lenguaje de programación Haskell desarrollado por Mark Jones en Oxford, con fines educativos. Gofer es el acrónimo de G(ood) F(or) E(quational) R(easoning) en español: Adecuado para razonar ecuaciones. Ha sido… …   Wikipedia Español

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  • gofer — ☆ gofer or go fer [gō′fər ] n. [from being asked to go for whatever is needed] Slang an employee who performs minor or menial tasks such as running errands …   English World dictionary

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